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Apartment Security – With Without Wires

So you have an apartment that needs security…

You (probably) didn’t have access to the building during contraction to choose your security system.

And what if you want to move to another apartment in the same building, or away from there altogether?

Often you can’t take the alarm systems with you – as they are “wired” in solid. So you just have to leave it there as a chattel with the property – probably not adding much to the actual value of the property…

Therefore, the obvious choice for an alarm system in an apartment  a “wireless” alarm.

They do require some wiring, but – nothing like an extensive wiring job that a full wired system requires.

They provide the same level of protection as other systems.

But what if you’re renting the apartment?

That’s fine – there are wireless video security solutions for that, which you can pick up and take with you when you leave…

If security in your apartment or block of flats is an issue, there is no better way than to call use to arrange a quote for you. You’ll save on your insurance premiums, and best of all – have more “piece of mind” than you would WITHOUT security alarms installed…

…All of this means you (probably) Sleep better at night!

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