What is a Security Camera?

CCTV-GeelongA security camera – otherwise known as a surveillance or CCTV camera is a form of video camera that is mounted to a building or a fixed object.

They are designed to capture video footage that can be recorded for viewing later – and/or viewed “live”.

In the case of the video being watched in real time, this is typically used by security monitoring services that monitor (for example) large business grounds & street-scapes. The person viewing can then immediately call for security or Police in case of any unusual or criminal activity on screen.

Contrast this to the security cameras that designed purely to capture video & record it to a computer hard drive:

These cameras are generally not monitored 24/7, although with the latest technology you can view video footage in real time on your mobile phone – anywhere in the world.

The system hard drive continuously records the video for viewing later – only if the owner/manager of the system deems it necessary.

This may be especially prudent if the premises being recorded has had a break in, and had items stolen – in which case the recorded footage may be able to identify the perpetrators.

The video footage can be admissible in a court of law…

…possibly leading to convictions of the individuals charged with the crime.

The size of the hard drive (and the image quality being recorded) dictate how long video can be recorded for, and generally speaking this video is not kept forever, and is recorded over after a set amount of time (usually within 3-6 weeks).

Increase the size of the hard drive, and you’ll increase the length of time your Security Camera will record for.

It is so well known that Security Cameras increase your protection that you can even buy fake cameras and install fake “CCTV Cameras In Use” stickers around your property to increase the potential security benefit to your property.

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