Boat Security Alarms

Boat Security Geelong

Boat Security – With Video & Without Wires.

We know that a lot of your hard work and money is (literally) tied up in a boat moored in a marina, or in the bay.

Securing your boat does have it’s inherent difficulties.

The most obvious difficulty is often there is no 240volt power supply to your boat, thereby preventing installation of any standard home-type alarm system.

Sure – certain boats have built in generators and the ability to run some versions of alarm systems, but these days, regardless of location or size of your boat – you can have security installed.

Not only are they security alarms, they’re also Wireless, Video Alarms.

You can place them virtually anywhere in or on your boat, and they record video of any activity inside or outside your boat when the sensors are activated by a moving object.

Contrast this to a simple alarm system that simply sounds a siren when the alarm sensor is tripped.

The difference between this video alarm system and a standard system is when the sensor is activated,  not only does an alarm sound, but video footage is recorded, and sent to a central monitoring station that immediately determines whether or not your boat is being broken into.

This prevents false alarms, thereby preventing call out fees for unnecessary events.

Just as important as preventing false alarms is the actual recording of the event!!


What if it’s NOT a false alarm? How do you know?


As this system is a VIDEO RECORDING system, you can instantly SEE if it’s a false alarm.

If it’s not, well, you can see that too – and record the whole thing.

This helps you not only identify the thieves, but also get police on the scene in the shortest time possible, as the system is what’s called a “Verified Video Alarm” – which the Police love the most, as they know 100% that if they send officers to the location – they’ll encounter a crime scene.

Not just the local cat walking past a sensor.

These systems are 100% wireless. They run on batteries that literally last YEARS.

The reason they last so long is that they’re not recording continuously. They’re only recording when they need to record.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

If you want a demo of one of these systems, give us a call today. You won’t be dissapointed.