Did you know…

That when your security alarm has been activated – in order for police to actually go to your property  – they only do so if more than 1 security sensor has been activated at the same time?

But by then, the thieves have been and gone, and often created more damage in the break in process than the value of what they actually steal.

Do you ever wish there was a way to see the people that are breaking into your property?

We’re sure you know just how valuable that is.

Not only can you save on your insurance premiums, you also have a far higher chance of a) recovering your stolen goods, and b) capturing the thief who took them…

Of course – to do the above, you need an alarm system with cameras.

But what if the item you want to protect has no immediate power supply?  Like on a farm, or a boat, or somewhere that is supposedly “easy” to steal from – like a building site?

In these, and many other cases you can’t use normal CCTV cameras because they need an electric power supply.

That’s where the Videofied wireless security camera comes in.

Yes – it’s a video camera.

But there are four major differences.

  1. It’s portable. You can put these things anywhere.
  2. It’s battery operated. THere’s no need for a power supply.
  3. It requires no telephone lines, as everything can be done wirelessly.
  4. You can add it to an EXISTING security system.

It’s portability makes videofied cameras unbeatable value in protecting your assets.

Here’s another great reason to use videofied…

How much does your security company charge for a call out when your alarm activates?


Most have a minimum call out rate starting at  $70.

Even if it’s a false alarm.

But what if that false alarm is caused by balloons blowing past the sensor or dogs in the lounge room or hey – even a CAMEL walking past?

Normal security systems can’t tell you the reason why the alarm has been activated.

But with videofied… you can tell why the arm has been activated.

You can “SEE” if it’s a false alarm.

And more importantly – you can see if it’s NOT a false alarm, and get police onsite to potentially catch the thieves in the process. (video of arrest)

Now having an alarm system is a great start in protecting your assets, but videofied takes it to the next level.

So if you feel this system is something similar to what you think you’d need for your property, contact us here or give us a call right now on 5248 8774 and we can discuss your individual requirements.