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Videofied Indoor Camera

Only Record When Alarm Is Activated...

Videofied wireless alarm systems incorporate video cameras into an alarm system… All 100% wireless.

No Wires. No Cables. No Mess.

That’s why they are perfect for building sites, farms, and places that don’t necessarily have an “easy” power supply.

A recent example – the Queensland police crime prevention unit made an arrest of seven offenders on a site protected by videofied. This particular site was causing a lot of problems with recurring theft offences, costing the owner a lot of money in insurance excess and lost time.

Not only could the Police actually see the crimes being committed (& recorded for evidence) they were alerted that they were going on.

This eliminates the limitations of a traditional alarm system, or a traditional CCTV set up.

Typically – an alarm system is just that – an alarm system. When someone or something causes the alarm system to activate, you can’t see it, you can’t tell what is causing it. Is it a pet inside? Is it a balloon blowing past the sensor – being blown by the air current from the air conditioner?

There is no way to know.

That’s why the police don’t respond to your burglar alarm activations

A CCTV system can be brilliant, but they are really just a “passive” in the background monitor. If you’re going to catch someone in the act to literally make the arrest (while they are committing the crime) – you need someone literally staring at the screens 24/7.

Videofied on the other hand, will tell you the alarm is being activated… AND start recording the whole process, even at night, and even send the video to your mobile phone!

It’s so good that police forces around the world are creating new dispatch codes to enable rapid responses from police.

The NSW police force introduced a policy on alarm responses (in 2009) that required visual verification to enable a priority police response…

And let’s face it. Everyone loves it when the cop gets the robber! Especially the cop.

So – if you want to ultimate in security systems, you simply cannot go past videofied.

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Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+