Videofied – Actual Results Of One Of Our Clients…

These are actual images from footage taken by a videofied video alarm system that we installed in one of our client’s homes in Little River, just outside Geelong.

On a week day afternoon our monitoring station received live video images from 3 of the videofied cameras in the client’s property that showed two males who had broken into the house.

The monitoring station operators knew that they were watching a genuine break in and contacted Victoria police.

“How do you know that there are persons on site going through the place?” asked victoria police.

“We are watching them as we speak” replied the monitoring station operator.

The police responded from the Corio police station and were at the premises within 15 minutes and apprehended the two male intruders. 

Without the Videofied video alarm system, the police would not have arrested the two offenders and it would be a case of yet another burglary that someone has got away with.

Being burgled is traumatic and horrific and most burglary victims resign themselves to the fact that their goods are gone forever and that the person or persons will never be apprehended.

The videofied video alarm system changes all that.

Unlike a conventional alarm system that will detect and sound sirens and go back to base, you can never determine the reason why that system detected.

Was it a cat that has been left in the home or a bird that has flown down the chimney?

These systems are blind.

The videofied alarm system will send live video images to a monitoring station where the operators can actually see what is going on at the site.

They can see if a cat has activated the system.

They can see if a bird has flown down the chimney, and as they did for this break in, they can see if there are intruders that have broken in.

Videofied – is without doubt the future of intruder alarms.

Install them wirelessly, ANYWHERE. No Cables, No Mess.

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About David Woodhouse

Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+