The Best Surveillance Camera Ever Invented

We are a bit biased about surveillance cameras.

But there is an incredibly good reason why.

Before we explain about them – lets say that there are obviously different cameras for different uses.

If you need manual control, pan & zoom functionality, the “best camera” is going to be different than what we suggest here.

What we’re talking about is the best “generic” surveillance camera (we think) has ever been invented – and here’s why:

Because It Gets Results.

All surveillance cameras have the potential to get results, but these ones are quite simply awesome.

Here’s a talk I gave recently in Geelong:

Here’s more info:

If it hasn’t happened already, your local Police will be CHARGING YOU for false call outs (i.e. the ones that are created by false alarms).

With a Videofied system, you never EVER get false call outs, as you can SEE what’s going on RIGHT NOW.

So that pesky dog walking past, or balloon being blown around won’t trip your sensors when the air-conditioning automatically comes on and blows it in the path of your sensor.

Well, actually – they DO trip the sensors, but you can see it. You don’t go into panic mode – I mean – What is the dog going to steal? What damage will that pesky balloon do? 🙂

Seriously look at our Videofied Surveillance cameras if you’re serious about home security.

It’s a no brainer.

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Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+