Our Videofied Catching Thieves – Featured on Channel 7 News

That’s right. It’s so effective, our footage has caught the eye of Channel 7 News who ran this feature a few weeks ago:  

Wireless Security Alarms For Apartments

So you have an apartment that needs security… You (probably) didn’t have access to the building during contraction to choose your security system. And what if you want to move to another apartment in the same building, or away from there altogether? Often you can’t take the alarm systems with you – as they are […]

Home Security Without A Landline

More than ever before, people are choosing not to sign up with (e.g.) telstra to include a landline to their property (especially residential). In fact – there has been over a 10% drop from 98% of all households with a fixed line, to less than 88% (from 2001 to 2008). I’m pretty confident it’s even […]