Our Videofied Catching Thieves – Featured on Channel 7 News

That’s right. It’s so effective, our footage has caught the eye of Channel 7 News who ran this feature a few weeks ago:  

Videofied – Actual Results Of One Of Our Clients…

These are actual images from footage taken by a videofied video alarm system that we installed in one of our client’s homes in Little River, just outside Geelong. On a week day afternoon our monitoring station received live video images from 3 of the videofied cameras in the client’s property that showed two males who […]

The Best Surveillance Camera Ever Invented

We are a bit biased about surveillance cameras. But there is an incredibly good reason why. Before we explain about them – lets say that there are obviously different cameras for different uses. If you need manual control, pan & zoom functionality, the “best camera” is going to be different than what we suggest here. […]

Videofied – Catching Criminals Every Day

Videofied wireless alarm systems incorporate video cameras into an alarm system… All 100% wireless. No Wires. No Cables. No Mess. That’s why they are perfect for building sites, farms, and places that don’t necessarily have an “easy” power supply. A recent example – the Queensland police crime prevention unit made an arrest of seven offenders […]