Our Videofied Catching Thieves – Featured on Channel 7 News

That’s right. It’s so effective, our footage has caught the eye of Channel 7 News who ran this feature a few weeks ago:  

What Types Of Security Cameras Are There?

Security cameras can be divided into 3 broad categories: 1) Wired CCTV Cameras, and 2) Wireless CCTV Cameras Wired cameras are exactly that. Attached or connected to a hard drive & screen monitors by a solid cable. They record to a computer hard drive, and require extensive installation. Wireless cameras have no wires or restrictions, […]

What is a Security Camera?

A security camera – otherwise known as a surveillance or CCTV camera is a form of video camera that is mounted to a building or a fixed object. They are designed to capture video footage that can be recorded for viewing later – and/or viewed “live”. In the case of the video being watched in […]

Business CCTV Systems – Are They Essential?

I’d love to say they were essential to every business, but the reality is no. They’re not essential! But here’s the deal. They are a massive, massive deterrent. Nothing puts a potential thief off quite like a CCTV camera staring them in the face! The question is… Why would your business need a CCTV system? […]