Retailers – Do You Have a Security Sign Like This?

How many times have you seen a sign like this when a shop is closed? I’t obvious what the point of having a sign like this is… right? It’s saying to someone casing the joint that “Don’t bother… there’s no cash here…” So what does a burglar think then? Do they think… lets go and […]

Retail Security – What is right for you?

Let’s face it – thieves KNOW when you’re not there, because the “lights are off & no body is home” (so to speak)… Here’s what many people (in a retail situation) are familiar with: Nearing closing time, you begin removing cash from the till, turning off the lights (except the front of the store), and […]

Business CCTV Systems – Are They Essential?

I’d love to say they were essential to every business, but the reality is no. They’re not essential! But here’s the deal. They are a massive, massive deterrent. Nothing puts a potential thief off quite like a CCTV camera staring them in the face! The question is… Why would your business need a CCTV system? […]

Geelong Businesses Targeted By Thieves

In a recent article by Victoria McDonald in the Geelong Advertiser – there have been more than $260,000 worth of goods stolen from commercial properties in Geelong so far this year. And that’s only what’s reported to the Police. According to them, each burglary results in over $1000 worth of goods and cash taken. But […]