Security Camera Tips

Security Cameras are not just for big business.

They’re now readily accessible for any individual, any home owner or tenant.

Here are 5 tips you might want to consider before investigating the purchase of a security camera:

  1. Make sure there’s a good warranty.While this sounds trivial, it’s incredibly important to think about from the onset, as some cameras just don’t come with decent warranties. Only cameras purchased from proper suppliers actually provide you with decent warranties, because the product itself is actually decent!
  2. Make sure you’ve got a big enough hard drive.More hard drive = More recording ability. Most will start at 500Gig – which is enough for most people’s requirements, with a few cameras, for several weeks of continual recording.
  3. Quality cameras give quality footage.

    Just like most things, you get what you pay for with security cameras. If it’s expensive, it’s expensive for a reason. You’ll get clearer, sharper images that will help you in identifying problems better and faster.

  4. Who is doing the installation?Installation is crucial in maximising your potential security with surveillance cameras. Choose only companies that have installed multiple times, as they will know what cameras will work for certain situations, and what won’t work. They’ll know the angles to use, and the mechanics of how many and how far away from each other the placement needs to be to maximise your coverage.
  5. What are you using it for? Again – this sounds like a simple question, and it is. What environment will the system be in? Some cameras perform better in certain situations than others – as they’re designed that way!

So hopefully this small list will help you in choosing your security camera installation provider.

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About David Woodhouse

Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+