Retailers – Do You Have a Security Sign Like This?

Retail Security Door SignHow many times have you seen a sign like this when a shop is closed?

I’t obvious what the point of having a sign like this is… right?

It’s saying to someone casing the joint that “Don’t bother… there’s no cash here…”

So what does a burglar think then?

Do they think… lets go and look next door? where they haven’t got this sign in the window?


What they do is look for a sticker in the window. A Security Sticker. And/or a Siren/strobe light box placed on the outside of the building somewhere.

Think about it – what’s the greatest deterrent to a potential thief?

A “no cash” sign like this, or indications everywhere that they are on CCTV right now?

How about putting a big sign in the window that says:

If you can read this, you’re on camera. Give us a wave!

Kind of like those “If you can read this – you’re too close to me” type stickers that some people put on the bumpers of their cars.

So how do you go about fixing this?

It’s incredibly simple & we do it all the time, and that’s install a strategically placed alarm system or security camera in your retail space. Apparently it reduces your insurance excess if you do get broken into.

And (if you’ve got video evidence) your footage can be used in a court of law when prosecution of offenders occurs – which is significantly higher with a CCTV camera than without!

So there you go…

If you need retail security, give us a quick call today. We’ll help you identify the best possible solution that matches your needs.

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About David Woodhouse

Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+