How To Get Police To Your Burglary Fast

Police have an incredibly difficult job to do – with more call outs, and less people to attend to them.

Here’s what typically happens in a home break in:

Without an Alarm:

  1. The thieves break in.
  2. They steal your property.
  3. They leave.
  4. You find out later, panic, search for what’s missing, then call the police.
  5. The police ask you for your details then file a report.
  6. If you’ve got insurance, you make a claim.

With a Standard Alarm:

  1. The thieves break in.
  2. They steal your property, while an alarm goes off.
  3. The alarm may or may not alert you or a security monitoring company (or both)
  4. The thieves leave, probably slightly quicker.
  5. The security monitoring company sends out a guard, or calls the police to go over.
  6. The police ask the security monitoring person this question: “Can you verify an intruder at the scene?”
  7. If the security monitor says NO, the Police file a report, and attend to it later.
  8. If you’ve got insurance, you make a claim.

You’ve probably a) reduced the actual “chance” of being broken into, and b) reduced the possible loss if you ARE broken into.

Then there’s this way…

The Fastest Way To Get Police To Your Burgled Property Is:

Videofied Indoor Camera

Videofied = Video Verified

Use a Verified Video Alarm.

It’s a simple as that.

  1. The thieves break in.
  2. The video alarm starts recording – sending images to a monitoring station.
  3. The Police are notified & ask the question: “Can you verify intruders at the scene?”
  4. The security monitoring person says YES, and the police attend virtually immediately.

Then all the insurance things happen afterwards, IF the thieves have managed to steal anything, and even then, you’ve got a significant chance you actually catch their FACE on camera, helping the police immensely in making arrests and retrieving stolen property.

And, as you’ve got video “evidence” – it can be used in a court of law in the prosecution of the offenders.

So there you have it, the fastest way to jump the queue, and get your property looked at by Police.

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About David Woodhouse

Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+