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Fixed Phoneline Use Is Decreasing

More than ever before, people are choosing not to sign up with (e.g.) telstra to include a landline to their property (especially residential). In fact – there has been over a 10% drop from 98% of all households with a fixed line, to less than 88% (from 2001 to 2008). I’m pretty confident it’s even less now… Four years extra have gone by…

As more and more homes question the necessity for a landline telephone, there has been a large increase in the use of monitored alarm systems which don’t use a landline.

Mobile telephones now outnumber fixed lines by at least two to one, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, with one in 5 clients considering dropping this service to save money. In the meantime, the trend away from fixed line phones has coincided with improving mobile technology and an increase in available broadband bandwidth with a fall in price.

Historically, monitored home protection systems have been widely regarded as the most reliable type of home security – these are installed and operate via a fixed line, but a completely wireless system is a perfect security solution for the modern home as it doesn’t need a fixed line.

But you don’t always need a standard landline phone in order to have a monitored security system today.
Since a wireless burglar alarm does not have to be continually attached to a phone line, it can be used even in some critical situations. Some burglars may cut the landline before entering a home, assuming that this will also disable the security system. If the phone lines in your area are damaged, it can stop your monitored security system from reporting an emergency. A wireless burglar alarm provides both a practical and helpful solution to these problems.
Using our high tech “Videofied” camera alarm system enables massive piece of mind for the final user, as pictures are broadcast right away (wirelessly) to a monitoring station to determine if the video are suspicious in nature – and get Police there as quickly as possible.

Geelong Digital Security has offered this sort of technology available to our customers for over 5 years, so we are able to provide assurances to customers the network is both highly secure and a dependable alternative to the normal monitored home alarm system that relies on a landline.

For many homeowners, this is the news they have been waiting for. By dropping their landline service, they can save on expensive line rental costs yet still ensure their home is protected with a monitored home security system.

The advent of Videofied also prepares the way for the development of other security solutions which will offer people greater control of the way they manage the safety and security of their homes.

Consumers demand innovation and greater intuitiveness when it comes to technology and home security is not an exception to this. CCTV monitoring solutions which give householders the ability to remotely monitor activity via their web connected PC or supported mobile telephone hold a lot of appeal to people, especially with many spending long hours at work during the day.


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