HD/IP CCTV Cameras are now available in Geelong!

Axis HD IP CCTV CamerasThe highest quality CCTV camera technology is now available in Geelong.

Axis offers the market’s broadest and most consistent range of high-quality network cameras.

Based on open IP standards, Axis network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.

Whether you are looking for a video surveillance solution to secure the safety of people and places, or to remotely monitor property and facilities, Axis has a product that can meet your needs.

You benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with HDTV/Megapixel resolution – which come in different forms to fully meet your requirements.

An example of how one of these solutions can work:

As you can see – this camera enables the broadcasting of a spoken message!! Nothing better to get a thief’s attention – so they LOOK at the camera! Once they look at the camera, you’ve potentially got crystal clear images of their face. Perfect for the police!

Advantages of IP CCTV Cameras:

Implementation of network video in retail environments has proven successful in many ways. Highlights include:

  • Revenue increase. Network video helps to improve staff planning, store layout and in-store advertising. It is also a highly efficient loss prevention tool.
  • Fast ROI. Reduced loss, less time spent on investigating suspect incidents, decrease in liability claims, enhanced marketing and optimized staffing all result in a compelling ROI.
  • Seamless integration. Network video solutions from Axis run on standard Ethernet networks and are compatible with your existing infrastructure. They easily integrate with e.g. POS and EAS systems, providing efficient ways to investigate suspect incidents and analyze business performance.
  • Future proof. Axis network video solutions are based on open standards, giving you maximum flexibility when choosing surrounding equipment. The solutions are fully scalable and allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies and features.

So – if securing your premises in the most optimal way possible sounds like you, contact us for a demo today.

We think you’ll be impressed with just how high the quality and ease of use of this system is.

They really do pay for themselves multiple times over.

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Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+