Geelong Residential Burglary Rates

Woman Looking Out WindowBased on 2010-2011 Victoria Police crime statistics and ABS Census data (references below):

You’d be surprised how often houses in your neighbourhood are being burgled every year…

Geelong/Newtown  3220:                                     1 in 69 houses are broken into.
Geelong West/Herne Hill/Manifold Heights 3218:   1 in 77.
South Geelong/East Geelong/Whittington  3219:    1 in 61.
Grovedale/Highton/Belmont  3216:                        1 in 78.
Hamlyn Heights/Bell Park  3215:                           1 in 66.
Corio/Norlane/North Shore  3214 :                         1 in 30.

The higher the number, the better your suburb/postcode is. The lower the number, not so good.

Basically – regardless of where in Geelong you live, there’s still quite a high chance your street will be burgled this year.

Will it be YOUR house?

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