Business CCTV Cameras

Our business CCTV security cameras provide you with the ability to literally see and record what is going on 24 hours a day in very clear colour video.

This is particularly important for businesses wanting the best monitoring system to monitor multiple areas that are prone to theft by either the general public or indeed your own staff members.

This system can have up to 16 cameras – and you can configure any combination of internal dome cameras, external vandal resistant dome cameras or external infra-red illuminated bullet cameras

You can also choose integrate larger, more durable external housing.

Each of these cameras can still provide amazing images at night time, and provide incredible zooming capability.

You can also get cameras that can see through smoky environments.

You can view what’s happening from your iPhone or android device, and from your computer or laptop.

The video is stored on a 1Terabyte Hard drive – which depending on the number of cameras is enough for approximately 6 weeks of continual recording

All of our Samsung systems come with our industry leading 3 year system & installation warranty

So if you feel this system is something similar to what you think you’d need for your property, contact us here or give us a call right now on 5248 8774 and we can discuss your individual requirements.