Wireless Security Alarms For Apartments

So you have an apartment that needs security… You (probably) didn’t have access to the building during contraction to choose your security system. And what if you want to move to another apartment in the same building, or away from there altogether? Often you can’t take the alarm systems with you – as they are […]

Alarm System Installation

If you reside in Geelong – Alarm installation choices are quite varied. It really depends on what type of security you’re after. As Geelong alarm installation specialists – we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most up to date products & monitoring services on the market, without importing cheap, limited warranty products (as […]

Videofied – Catching Criminals Every Day

Videofied wireless alarm systems incorporate video cameras into an alarm system… All 100% wireless. No Wires. No Cables. No Mess. That’s why they are perfect for building sites, farms, and places that don’t necessarily have an “easy” power supply. A recent example – the Queensland police crime prevention unit made an arrest of seven offenders […]

Security System Differences

Security systems can be quite varied, and are determined by a number of factors. There are “wireless” security systems and “wired” security systems. There are “Camera” systems and “Non-Camera” systems. Generally, when people first think of a security system, they’re actually thinking of an Alarm System. In an alarm system, when an alarm sensor is […]