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Wireless Security Camera at a Building Site

Apart from farms, building sites are increasingly targeted for theft.


Because they’re left open for extended periods of time.

Yes – you can (and should) have perimeter fencing around your site, but that’s (at best) only adequate.

Nothing is more frustrating to both the owner of the building site (& the builder) than when they turn up first thing in the morning to find the site stripped of recently installed products and wires etc. It’s just flat out frustrating (to say the least!!).

Thieves are there to steal two main things:

1) Wiring – so that the copper from within the wires can be harvested, and
2) Tools & supplies.

So… what else can you do?

Often there is no power supply – so you just cannot do anything at all.

Until now.

¬†We’ve spoken to literally countless¬†business owners who LOVE “taking the power back” when it comes to security.

And the way they are taking that power back?

By using our Videofied product.

Building site security cameras have NEVER been better than this.

What other system can you use that protects your property 24/7, wirelessly, in all weather, that when you’re done, you just pick up & take with you to the next job?



So there you have it – if you’re a builder or developer & you want to step up your security & decrease your insurance… Call us today to chat about our Videofied product…

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Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+