Retail Security – What is right for you?

Let’s face it – thieves KNOW when you’re not there, because the “lights are off & no body is home” (so to speak)… Here’s what many people (in a retail situation) are familiar with: Nearing closing time, you begin removing cash from the till, turning off the lights (except the front of the store), and […]

Building Site Security Cameras

Apart from farms, building sites are increasingly targeted for theft. Why? Because they’re left open for extended periods of time. Yes – you can (and should) have perimeter fencing around your site, but that’s (at best) only adequate. Nothing is more frustrating to both the owner of the building site (& the builder) than when […]

The Best Surveillance Camera Ever Invented

We are a bit biased about surveillance cameras. But there is an incredibly good reason why. Before we explain about them – lets say that there are obviously different cameras for different uses. If you need manual control, pan & zoom functionality, the “best camera” is going to be different than what we suggest here. […]

Geelong Residential Burglary Rates

Based on 2010-2011 Victoria Police crime statistics and ABS Census data (references below): You’d be surprised how often houses in your neighbourhood are being burgled every year… Geelong/Newtown  3220:                                     1 in 69 houses are broken into. Geelong West/Herne […]

What Types Of Security Cameras Are There?

Security cameras can be divided into 3 broad categories: 1) Wired CCTV Cameras, and 2) Wireless CCTV Cameras Wired cameras are exactly that. Attached or connected to a hard drive & screen monitors by a solid cable. They record to a computer hard drive, and require extensive installation. Wireless cameras have no wires or restrictions, […]

What is a Security Camera?

A security camera – otherwise known as a surveillance or CCTV camera is a form of video camera that is mounted to a building or a fixed object. They are designed to capture video footage that can be recorded for viewing later – and/or viewed “live”. In the case of the video being watched in […]

Business CCTV Systems – Are They Essential?

I’d love to say they were essential to every business, but the reality is no. They’re not essential! But here’s the deal. They are a massive, massive deterrent. Nothing puts a potential thief off quite like a CCTV camera staring them in the face! The question is… Why would your business need a CCTV system? […]

Videofied – Catching Criminals Every Day

Videofied wireless alarm systems incorporate video cameras into an alarm system… All 100% wireless. No Wires. No Cables. No Mess. That’s why they are perfect for building sites, farms, and places that don’t necessarily have an “easy” power supply. A recent example – the Queensland police crime prevention unit made an arrest of seven offenders […]

Security System Differences

Security systems can be quite varied, and are determined by a number of factors. There are “wireless” security systems and “wired” security systems. There are “Camera” systems and “Non-Camera” systems. Generally, when people first think of a security system, they’re actually thinking of an Alarm System. In an alarm system, when an alarm sensor is […]

Security Camera Tips

Security Cameras are not just for big business. They’re now readily accessible for any individual, any home owner or tenant. Here are 5 tips you might want to consider before investigating the purchase of a security camera: Make sure there’s a good warranty.While this sounds trivial, it’s incredibly important to think about from the onset, […]