Home Security Alarms

If you’re wanting to secure your single story home in the most cost effective way, you should look at our Basic Home Security Package.

This packages comes with three sensors, so you can monitor three areas – for example the lounge, the master bedroom & the hallway. It also comes with:

  • one bosch 844 control panel
  • one external siren & strobe light
  • one internal siren or “screamer”
  • one back up battery
  • one plug pack power supply.
  • one mode 3 telephone connection
  • one bosch lcd icon remote keypad installed near the entry/exit of the house.
  • full installation and programming the system with you.

This system can have a maximum of four detection devices – for example – 3 motion sensors & 1 door reed switch sensor.

The basic package can also be self monitoring, meaning that if it’s activated – it will call three pre-programmed mobile or land line phone numbers and leave a siren tone on the line when you answer the call.

Alternatively – the system can call “back to base” via our Australian Standards Victoria Police approved monitoring station.

Extras that can be included are:

  • Flush door switches (these activate when your doors open)
  • Flush window reed switches (these activate when your windows open)
  • Extra keypads (if you want to be able to activate the alarm from more than one place)
  • Remote Controls (where you can just click a button to arm and disarm the system – just like a car security remote control)

If you act today, not only will we give you an extra internal siren – absolutely free, but you’ll also get an upgrade to our industry leading 3 year system and installation warranty.

So if you feel this is system is something similar to what you think you’d need for your property, contact us here, or give us a call right now on 5248 8774 and we can discuss your individual requirements.