Business Security Alarms

If you’re wanting to secure your factory or warehouse our business security package is as follows:

This package comes with 16 sensors, so you can monitor 16 areas – for example the office, the entrance & the warehouse.

It also comes with:

  • one external siren & strobe light
  • one internal siren or “screamer”
  • one back up battery
  • one plug pack power supply
  • one mode 3 telephone connection
  • one bosch lcd text remote keypad.
  • full installation and our 3 year system and installation warranty
  • we also program the system with you.

This system can have a maximum of 64 detection devices – for example – 60 motion sensors & 1 door reed switch alarm sensor and 3 window reed switch alarm sensors.

The Bosch 64 panel also has the capability of adding access control to the system whereby you can restrict access to areas of the building via a cards/tags for different members of staff. Also – members of the public can not just enter the building at will.

For a warehouse/factory environment we use Paradox DG 75 dual pyro passive infra red motion sensors. These sensors will compensate for harsh environments like factories.

They have two “pyros” (or seeing parts of the motion sensor) as opposed to the standard sensors that just have one pyro. This provides you with better immunity to false alarm activations.

The system can be self monitoring or can call “back to base” via our Australian Standards Victoria Police approved 24hr monitoring station.

Another great feature is the ability to remotely program your system, where you can add or change your security PIN number, or change the timing settings. We can even diagnose any faults. Instead of being charged a $110 call out fee to do this onsite, with us, you get it done for free.

Extras that can be included are:

  • Roller door reed switches (these activate when your roller doors open)
  • Smoke Sensors (so you can be alerted when there is a fire – not just a burglary)
  • Flush window reed switches (these activate when your windows open)
  • Extra keypads (if you want to be able to activate the alarm from more than one place)
  • Remote Controls (where you can just click a button to arm and disarm the system – just like a car security remote control)

If you feel this is system is something similar to what you think you’d need for your property, contact us here or give us a call right now on 5248 8774 and we can discuss your individual requirements.