Alarm Packages

Alarm package deal comparisons need to be made with several key factors in mind.

Do you need a wireless security system just because your friend has got one?

It’s important to understand that alarm systems – while able to be “packaged” – on occasion need to be slightly modified to cover your property in the most accurate, cost effective way.

When comparing alarm packages you should understand several key things:

  1. Zones – A “Zone” is an area that is detected by each alarm system sensor. The size and configuration of your building, will determine the number of zones you should monitor. For example: a small, 3 bedroom home may just require a basic alarm system, with only 3 or 4 zones – compared with a business alarm system that may have 16 separate zones.
  2. Wired or Wireless – Most alarm systems are “wired” into the premises. For the majority of users, this is ideal. There are situations where wireless alarm systems can provide easier home or business security. Some wireless systems don’t even require power!
  3. Warranties – Check to see that you’re able to get a lengthy warranty. Some alarm package providers import cheaper “knockoff” products, which only allow them to provide limited 1 year warranties.  We can’t think of anything worse than your alarm system failing to protect your home or business, because it was faulty. For that reason, we only supply 100% original, factory tested products. And it’s that reason that all systems provided and installed by Geelong Digital Security have a comprehensive THREE YEAR parts and labour warranty.
  4. Home, Holiday House or Business? – Most people require a simple monitored alarm system. But what if you want a business security system? What if you have pets? What if you own a holiday house? In addition to just installing security alarms, there are options available where your security system can allow you to adjust your lighting, and your heating. We can even integrate smoke alarms into your security system that will let you know by SMS exactly which smoke alarm has been activated.
  5. Monitored? Or Not? – In some instances, people want to control their own monitoring. We can include 24hr monitoring of your premises for $7 per week (excl. GST), however, some situations don’t require this, and all of our alarm systems give you this option (Saving you over $400 per year).

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