5 Tips To Improve Your Home Security

Burglar Entering DoorThe primary way is to actually have someone in the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Which is just not practical, but effective.

You can split these 5 main home security tips into things that you can do inside your house, and things you can do outside your house.

On the inside of your house:

There are two main things you can do on the inside of your house…

  1. Have good quality locks. If you can shake that door open, so can a thief. And – importantly, make sure your window locks are up to date and secure! Especially if your house is an older Victorian style property… The latches are so often incredibly weak.
  2. Don’t show off. Thieves love nothing more than looking inside a window to see that brand new apple macbook pro sitting in plain view, right next to the handbag with the mobile phone next to it. The easiest way to not show off?? It’s simple. Close your curtains!
On the outside of your house:
There are three main things you can do on the outside of your house…
  1. Show them security stickers. Of course, it helps to actually HAVE a security system – and nothing deters thieves more than stickers telling them what type. Plaster those stickers wherever you can. The best type of sticker? THe ones that tell them they’re on CCTV right now as they’re reading it.
  2. Don’t have a high fence. While a high fence might stop a low flying football coming across the way, they prevent your neighbours from actually SEEING potential burglars in your property…
  3. Make it look like you’re home. Leave washing on the line. Install timers so that your lights go on at night & off in the day. Get your neighbours to mow your lawn… and while they’re at it, collect your mail!
While it has been well known in the past to have a 24 hour monitored alarm system installed, that approach is now actually NOT THE MOST EFFECTIVE.
So what gets the best response from police?
Verified video alarms.
These things are absolutely incredible at a) preventing burglary, b) videoing thieves, and c) getting the police onsite the fastest.
We supply them. If you’re reading this, you really should look at them, they are incredible value for money.
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Written by David Woodhouse, a security and CCTV camera specialist from Geelong, Victoria. Find him on Google+