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Ajax Software

Simple Security Management

Ajax Security System

An app to control security, productivity and comfort

We’ve redesigned the end-user app to make it holistic and more comfortable without changing the familiar system control patterns. Big icons, contrasted fonts, color coding, special menu for automation devices — every element makes a difference when managing an Ajax system.

  • Arm and disarm the system

    Monitor and manage your home security while you're thousands of miles away
  • Virual panic button

    Report an emergancy so that other users can come to the rescus
  • Notification Tab

    You'll always know exactly what happened and when. Keep track of who made system changes.
  • Detailed device status

    Get instant information about battery levels, room temperature and settings
  • Test devices

    Adjust detection zones and test radio signal quality while you're far from home.
  • Smart Reminders

    Get a nitification about arming the system when you leave and disarming it off when you get back.
  • Scenarios for comfort

    Automatically turn on heating when the indoor air temreture drops and the ventilation when the co2 level changes, which is registered by LifeQuality or another detector.

  • Keep secruity private

    Enable a secure app login with a passcode, finderprint or Face ID.

  • Privacy

    Protect your account with two-factor authentication and set a password to enter the app. Track logins and manage account sessions on other devices.

  • App updates

    Get new features that improve system security capabilities.