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How to Cope with a Burglary

What would you do if you came home to find you’ve been burgled? It’s a horrible thought, so it may help to have some steps to follow if you ever find yourself in that situation. Having a plan can help to keep you calm, take the right steps to stay safe and preserve any evidence that may be left behind.

The first step is to ensure the perpetrator has left the premises. This could mean going outside and calling the police to report the incident and have them investigate the property first. The police may be able to go through the home or business to check it is clear and safe to enter. The Police may also be able to collect evidence, dust for finger prints or review security camera footage for their report, which hopefully leads to an arrest and any stolen items returned.

The second step is to make a list of any stolen items including serial numbers and any distinguishing features, then photograph the entire scene as well as the point of entry for any damage. The list of stolen items and the photos are an important record of the incident and may also be used for insurance purposes or given to Police for their report. Make sure to obtain Police contact details so that you can follow-up on the investigation and check if any items have been recovered.

The third step is to organise repairs for any damage, and secure the premises to avoid another unwanted entry as soon as possible. Board up broken windows until you can have them replaced and organise repairs to any damaged locks or doors. This may also be a great opportunity to upgrade locks on your external doors and the windows throughout the premises and will help to make you feel more secure. It could also be worth upgrading your security alarm system and adding security cameras for that extra peace of mind and added security.

The fourth step is dealing with the emotional impact. Most victims of burglary report being emotionally affected by it, with anger, annoyance and shock being the most common responses. Some victims may have a very strong reaction, often feeling violated and fearful so will need time to deal with the trauma and begin the healing process. Coping with a burglary and the loss of privacy can also cause excessive stress which can lead to symptoms such as insomnia, flashbacks and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder. Post burglary trauma is extremely common so make sure to reach out, and get support, talk to friends and family or contact the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817.

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