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Smarter Retail Security Systems

Today’s brick and mortar retailers can be armed with smarter security technologies and tools that can enhance a stores performance. Utilising the latest security cameras and system analytics, retailers can more easily combat stock shrinkage, stock losses, staff shortage areas and poor customer experience.

Not only are security cameras essential for video surveillance they are critical when evidence of theft is required to prosecute an offender, and are an important asset for preventing future crimes. Being able to review footage remotely and analyse incidents to improve store policies around loss prevention and employee evaluation can be a huge advantage.

There are many different types of security cameras such as panoramic or fisheyes which enable comprehensive surveillance of shop floors, showrooms, and aisles. They can provide wide area coverage that is free of blind-spots and make it easier to identify and tackle shrinkage and theft, investigate incidents, and see activity right to the periphery of every scene.

Discreet mini-dome and bullet cameras can be focused on high-value items, cash desks, returns counters, and stock rooms to deter theft and fraud and high-definition pinhole cameras also offer a discreet option for upscale boutiques and jewellers as they can be covertly installed into displays of high-end products.

More traditional fixed lens security cameras placed at store entrances, exits and parking lots are ideal tools for deterring future crime, and increase protection for vehicles and drivers. These cameras can also be used for car park management and for gathering business intelligence through AI-powered license plate recognition.

Smarter video management software is also helping retailers boost their security, efficiency and business intelligence in larger stores, malls, and car parking areas. AI-powered analytics tools include intrusion, objection, and loitering detection, all of which can take pressure off busy monitoring teams by reducing false alarms and triggering automated alerts when security intervention is most needed. Analytics also makes it easier and faster to review recorded footage, with the ability to search for events, objects, people, and even pinpoint irregular transactions.

This technology enables retailers to count the number of people passing under the camera in real time and in what direction. Being armed with this data means these insights can be used to inform decisions on further security requirements or staffing levels during peak times. Similar to people counting technology, queue monitoring enables retailers to track how many people are standing in a predefined queue area and the level of activity within that area. It can also be used to trigger real-time push-alerts to staff if a queue is getting too long. Retailers can then easily gather information on average waiting times and service times allowing them to make swift staff alterations on the fly.

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