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Solar powered security cameras

Solar powered security cameras can be the ideal solution for isolated sites, remote locations and temporary projects where no mains power supply or network cables are available.

The LTS range of solar powered security cameras incorporate fully self-sustaining technology and operation with excellent mobility and reliability and they are ideal for geographically challenging environments or temporary installations.

This means that applications like construction sites, road maintenance projects, music festivals, sporting events, fairs, carnivals and farms are now able to utilise reliable security camera systems more cost effectively.

With no wires or cabling required, LTS compact Solar-Powered Security Cameras are designed to be lightweight, easy and fast to install and can be moved to a new site for re-deployment on project completion. Powered by an 80-Watt photovoltaic solar panel and highly durable 20Ah rechargeable Lithium battery, they can work continuously for up to 7 days in cloudy or rainy weather when fully charged. The 4G camera has a 64GB eMMC embedded MultiMedia Card ensuring continuous video recording even if there is an interruption with the SD card, and it is also outfitted with LTS's ColorVu Technology offering brilliant night vision in extremely dark environments.

LTS solar-powered cameras are also designed to be waterproof and dust resistant and are able to endure extreme adverse weather conditions such as low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rains, which are often experienced in remote areas.

Some cameras in the LTS solar powered range feature intelligent functions using PIR (passive infrared) sensors, motion detection or AI-powered perimeter protection and can automatically push event-triggered notifications to a user's mobile device. Select camera models that incorporate AcuSence Technology also have the ability to differentiate between humans and other moving objects such as animals, falling leaves, or heavy rain, minimizing false alarms so that security teams will only be alerted to real security threats.

If you would like a quote on solar powered security cameras or would like more information on the range of LTS security cameras available contact Geelong Digital Security or call us on 0417 384 787.