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Home Alarm System with Security Cameras in Geelong

We recently installed a brand new home alarm system with security cameras in Geelong for a customer that had previously tried installing a DIY system himself.

In early 2021 the customers lawnmower had gone missing from his garage and then some bikes from the backyard. The stolen items were reported to the police and a DIY security system swiftly installed. Having a background in IT, the customer thought he would set up his own DIY security system to catch the thieves in the act but was unhappy with the quality and ongoing problems he had with the DIY system. He told us that some of the cameras were not working and that the batteries would run flat really fast leaving certain areas vulnerable. Another issue was the unreliability of the cameras communicating with the DVR, which was likely due to the clunky software the system came with.

He finally had enough when his car was broken into while he was at home and he noticed that one of his security cameras had also been stolen at the same time. That’s when we got the call. We quoted him a cctv system with 6 cameras to cover his front and backyard as well as his garage. This customer was thrilled and he told us that he should have got us in sooner, instead of trying to mess around with a DIY solution that was expensive and ultimately unreliable. He said it had cost him more in the long run and that it pays to get the experts on the job to ensure it is done right the first time.

If you would like a quote for a home alarm system or security cameras for your home or business we can recommend the best system to suit your specific requirements and budget. Contact Geelong Digital Security or call us on 0417 384 787.