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Surveillance Cameras, Are they worth the cost?

With our huge selection of high quality, affordable video surveillance cameras, the question is can you afford NOT to have them installed in your home and business? More and more properties are being fitted with security cameras and the fact is that the installation of surveillance cameras will deter most criminals and this alone can make them a great investment.

Being burgled can be a considerable expense - not only do you lose your valuables, but often spend a significant amount of time and money paying insurance excesses and replacing the stolen goods. In the case of commercial property or retail shops the expense is often even greater, as the insurance excess can be very high, and in some cases - literally causes businesses to ‘fold’, especially if there are repeat offences.

There are many benefits to having surveillance cameras. For example, being able to recognise criminals if there is a security incident and using the recorded video evidence for police or authorities to examine. You can even choose to have your security system ‘back to base’ monitored via our Australian Standards Victoria Police approved 24/7 monitoring station, which often means you are eligible for a discount on your contents insurance as well.

Some professional surveillance systems have motion detection technology that can send a warning message, allowing you to view an incident as it’s happening. This gives you the opportunity to contact authorities sooner and have them attend the property more quickly, helping to catch criminals in the act before they cause major damage. Surveillance cameras can also be used to keep an eye on the kids while you’re not at home and some cameras can even be controlled remotely via an app with pan, tilt and zoom functionality.

Our high definition surveillance cameras provide higher resolution video images giving you the ability to see more detail and cover more areas. HD surveillance cameras offer a much better picture quality and look great on a good quality screen. We can even set up your cameras to view on your TV so you can easily check your property and surveillance footage right from your lounge chair.

If you are concerned about crime in your area or would like to protect your home or business, investing in surveillance cameras is worth considering. Get a free quote for your property by emailing us or calling 0417 384 787.